Valerian (nature’s Valium)

• Aids anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and irritable bowel syndrome • Good for nervousness and spasms • Lowers blood pressure • Sedative    


• Sedative • Helps stress-related disorders • Helps insomnia    


• Diuretic • Reduces mucus in lungs • Expectorant • Helps allergic disorders    


• Aids in the treatment of asthma, colds, and bronchitis • A relaxant • CAUTION: Do not use for long periods of time. High doses


• Improves adrenal gland function • Stimulates production of interferon • Helps asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia, fever, and bowel function • CAUTION: Do not


• Restores heart muscle • Helps lower cholesterol • Aids circulation • Good for cardiovascular disease; dilates coronary blood vessels    


• Natural antibiotic • Good for inflammation • Prevents colds, flu, and sore throat from developing • Useful for colon, respiratory, liver, pancreas, spleen, and


• Good for adrenal gland health • Enhances immunity • Helps stress • Protects against effects of radiation exposure • Good for fatigue • CAUTION:

Ginkgo biloba

• Provides mental energy/stimulant • Improves brain health • Improves circulation and oxygen to the brain • Helps memory loss • Good for tinnitis (ringing


• Useful for colon health • Good for bones, skin, teeth, and nails • Good for female disorders