One in three Americans suffers from a chronic sinus infection. The physical causes vary but include allergies; too much dairy, sugar, salt, and fried foods; poor food combining; constipation; poor circulation; and a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection. This is a very uncomfortable condition that leaves the sufferer feeling worn out and tired, with a postnasal drip that makes it especially hard to sleep.

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses with labored breathing.

Symptoms include inflamed nasal passages, postnasal drip, sore throat,facial pain, loss of smell and taste, pressure headaches around the sinuses,bad breath, indigestion, earaches, and toothaches. There may be nausea and indigestion from swallowed mucus as well.

Dietary considerations
Drink plenty of fresh juices (pineapple and grape are especially good).Eliminate wheat and dairy products, and avoid alcoholic beverages.Sipping hot herbal teas can help initiate mucus flow. Using horseradish on food helps to clear the sinuses.

Supplement support for sinusitis
For detoxification:
• Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse, for detoxification

To address the infection:
• Biotic Silver
• Grapefruit seed extract capsules
• Olive leaf extract capsules
• Nasal spray

For congestion:
• Breathe Easy tea from Traditional Medicinals
• Ester-C: 3,000 mg daily
• Echinacea extract: fifteen drops in water four times daily

To boost immunity:
• Astragalus capsules
• Vitamin B complex with pantothenic acid
• Kyolic garlic capsules