This condition primarily affects children before they become teens.
Rheumatic fever can be prevented if a strep infection is treated in time(within ten to twelve days of initial infection). If rheumatic fever is contracted, it tends to recur, affecting the heart, brain, and joints and producing arthritis-like symptoms. Natural medicine concentrates on building the immune system to the highest possible level to prevent future illness, since the main cause is low immunity.

Rheumatic fever is a serious inflammatory illness that usually follows a strep infection.

Symptoms of rheumatic fever include skin rash, shortness of breath,sore throat, poor circulation, fever, and extreme fatigue and weakness.Arthritis is the most common symptom, often lasting a lifetime.

Dietary considerations
Eat fresh foods, and drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Avoid sugar,refined foods, fried foods, caffeine, and soft drinks. Drink eight to ten glasses of spring water daily.
Supplement support for rheumatic fever
• Kyo-Dophilus or Bio-K (liquid acidophilus), after antibiotic therapy
• Coenzyme Q 10 : 100 mg daily, for heart strength
• Kyolic garlic capsules
• Carlson’s ACES, for antioxidant protection
• Ascorbate vitamin C: 3,000–5,000 mg daily
• A daily green drink, to strengthen immunity
• Glucosamine cream, to ease arthritis symptoms

Lifestyle choices
• Make sure to rest properly.
• Take sea-salt-and-baking-soda baths.
• Get massage therapy.
• Practice deep breathing.