Emotional and mental stress can eventually manifest as physical pain. Pain serves to signal us to attend to its underlying cause. Pain dampens your strength and spirit, causing depression.

While painkillers allow you to ignore pain temporarily so you can work,live, and function better, they do nothing to address the cause of pain. In addition, pain relievers can be addictive or damaging to the stomach lining as well as the liver and kidneys.

There are natural methods to overcome pain in the body. They work at a very deep level in the body, relaxing, soothing, and calming the area in pain.

Pain is the physical mechanism the body uses to draw attention to a potential problem.

Symptoms include sharp, shooting twinges or a dull ache, numbness,muscle wasting, and poor reflexes.

Causes of pain include adrenal and pituitary exhaustion, obesity,internal or external tumors, poor nutrition, and overly acid diet, and poor muscle development, as well as injury and other disease factors.

Dietary considerations
Eat a vegetarian diet low in fats and high in minerals. Avoid caffeine,sugar, and salty foods that create an acidic system. Also, have a green drink each day.

Supplements to support pain relief
Herbal pain relievers:
• White willow bark, an anti-inflammatory and analgesic
• Kava, which relieves stress from chronic pain or injury
• Valerian, a sedative that will help you relax and sleep
• St. John’s wort, for nerve damage and to lift the spirits

Other natural pain killers:
• DLPA: 1,000 mg daily
• Turmeric
• GABA: 750 mg daily
• Glucosamine capsules and/or glucosamine cream

Enzymes to reduce inflammation:
• Enzyme Defense by Enzymedica
• Bromelain
• Quercetin
• Boswellia

Lifestyle choices
• Get chiropractic adjustments.
• Enjoy massage therapy.
• Take therapeutic baths.
• Get magnet therapy.
• Reduce stress