This disease is devastating because the immune system becomes disoriented and creates antibodies that attack its own tissue. Joints and connective tissue are especially affected, causing arthritis-like symptoms.

The kidneys and lymph nodes become inflamed, along with the heart,brain, and central nervous system. For improvement to occur, the immune system must be addressed and toxins must be neutralized. Affecting over half a million Americans, most sufferers are Hispanic or black women (80percent of all cases).

All autoimmune disease begins with a trigger. Stress is a huge one,followed by dietary issues and genetic predisposition. You must handle your stress if you’re battling autoimmunity of any kind. You must heal your gut and remove any foods from your diet that cause inflammation and, ultimately, “leaky gut.” Healing your gut, dietary changes, rest, and stress relief are the best way to relieve the many symptoms and send your body into remission!

Lupus is a multisystem, autoimmune, inflammatory viral disease.

Symptoms include extreme fatigue, low immunity, kidney problems,chronic low-grade fever, arthritis symptoms, photo sensitivity, anemia, and red skin patches.

Viral infections, too many antibiotics or prescription drugs, allergies,emotional stress, reaction to certain chemicals, overgrowth of candida yeast, and chronic fatigue syndrome all are causes of lupus.

Dietary considerations
Remove gluten, dairy, and all grains from the diet. Eat fresh foods, and avoid the nightshade vegetables that may aggravate lupus (tobacco,tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers). As much as possible, eat a plant-based diet. Also include lean protein and low-sugar fruit (blueberries). Don’t eat legumes.

Supplement support for lupus
To reduce inflammation, take:
• Quercetin: 1,000 mg
• Bromelain: 1,500 mg
• MSM capsules: 800 mg

For arthritis symptoms, take:
• Glucosamine: 1,500 mg
• Germanium: 150 mg
• L-carnitine: 1,000 mg

For stress relief, choose one or more:
• Siberian ginseng extract
• Reishi mushroom extract
• SAM-e: 800 mg daily
• Core Level Adrenal by Nutri-West
• Kava extract
• Valerian root
• L-theanine

For muscle pain, take:
• Magnesium gel capsules: 400 mg twice daily
• Malic Acid
• B-complex vitamins
To boost immunity, take:
• Astragalus extract
• Royal jelly
• Vitamin C: 3,000 mg

Lifestyle choices
• Take a walk every day for exercise to relieve stress.
• Rest and sleep enough each day.