Kidney problems can be prevented through improved diet along with herb and supplement therapy.

Kidney problems include inflammation and/or infection of the kidney(s), sometimes accompanied by kidney stones.

Symptoms include painful frequent urination, chronic lower back pain,fever, fatigue, chills, and fluid retention.

Kidney problems are usually caused by excess sugar, red meat,carbonated drinks, and caffeine in the diet; diabetes; allergies; heavy metal poisoning; excess aluminum; essential fatty acid deficiency; overuse of prescription drugs; B-vitamin and magnesium deficiency; and overuse of aspirin, salt, and diuretics.

Dietary considerations
Have a green drink (Kyo-Green or liquid chlorophyll) every morning.Follow that drink with a low-salt, low-protein, vegetarian diet for at least one month. Avoid all refined, fried, and fatty foods as well as soft drinks during the healing phase. Eliminate dairy and animal protein. Drink eight glasses of pure water each day.

Supplement support for kidney problems
To reduce kidney inflammation:
• Quercetin: 1,000 mg daily
• Bromelain: 1,500 mg daily
• Vitamin B complex with vitamin B 6
• Magnesium: 800 mg daily
• Flax oil
• Choline/inositol capsules daily

To help reverse kidney damage:
• Gingko biloba
• Enzyme Defense by Enzymedica
• Spirulina: one capsule daily

For infection:
• Cranberry capsules: use as directed on the bottle
• Biotic Silver
• Echinacea extract: use as directed on the bottle

Lifestyle choices
• Avoid NSAIDs (Advil, Motrin, Aleve), which have been associated with impaired kidney function.
• Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke.
• Take a brisk walk every day.
• Apply castor oil packs to kidney area, alternating with ginger packs to stimulate circulation and flow.
• Do not use antacids (such as TUMS) for indigestion because they may increase the risk of kidney stones.