In today’s society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the immune system strong. Without a strong immune system, we are more susceptible to illness. Our immune systems fight against many pathogens on a daily basis, such as yeast, parasites, fungi, and viruses. They also combat many antigens, such as pollen, chemicals, drugs, malignant cells, and more.

The immune system is the greatest pharmacy in the world, making more than 100 billion types of medicines, known as antibodies, to attack just about any unwanted germ or virus that enters our body. Best of all, all of the medicines made by our internal pharmacy do not produce side effects.In addition to being the most powerful healing agents known to man, they are free—or almost.

The immune system is a complex system that depends on the interaction of many different cells, organs, and proteins for its optimal function. Its task is to identify and eliminate foreign substances that invade the body and threaten health. Vital components of the immune system include the thymus glands, bone marrow, lymphatic system, the liver, and the spleen.

Indications that the immune system is not functioning at optimal health include chronic respiratory problems, fatigue, allergies, yeast overgrowth,frequent colds and flu, swollen glands, asthma, skin rashes, digestive complaints, and frequent headaches.

Dietary considerations
Eat as close to the “original garden” as possible, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, high-fiber foods, seafood, yogurt, and kefir. Add garlic and onions to your recipes for added immune-boosting benefit.

Avoid sugary foods, which depress immunity. Avoid fried foods, red meat,and refined foods.

Supplement support for the immune system
• Vitamin B complex
• Olive leaf extract
• Green tea
• Moducare by Natural Balance (a plant sterol)
• Bio-K, a liquid acidophilus
• Power mushrooms (maitake, shiitake, and/or reishi)
• Astragalus
• Milk thistle extract
• Coenzyme Q 10 : 100 mg daily
• Plant enzymes with each meal
• Raw thymus glandular
• Ester-C: 3,000 mg daily
• A daily green drink

Lifestyle choices
• Get enough rest.
• Stop smoking.
• Use massage therapy.
• Start to exercise.
• Get fifteen minutes of early-morning sunlight daily.
• Laugh with friends.
• Practice deep breathing.