Natural medicine’s goal is to regenerate the liver and arrest the hepatitis virus while at the same time strengthening the body. Persons most at risk for hepatitis in all forms are medical workers, blood transfusion recipients(though screening techniques have improved dramatically), dentists and dental workers, and intravenous drug users.

Hepatitis is defined as an inflammation of the liver caused by one of five hepatitis viruses and by parasites and toxic reactions to drugs, alcohol,and chemicals.

Symptoms of hepatitis include great fatigue and lethargy coupled with flu-like symptoms; enlarged, congested, tender, and sluggish liver; nausea;gray stools; vomiting; skin jaundice; histamine itching; fever; loss of appetite; dark urine; and elevated liver enzymes.

Dietary considerations
For two or three weeks, consume raw fruits and vegetables. Avoid fats,sugars, and highly processed foods. In addition, avoid animal protein, raw fish, and shellfish. Add artichokes to your diet; they protect the liver.

Drink six to eight glasses of water daily, adding fresh lemon for extra liver-cleansing benefit.