It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. When you are not well or are suffering from unrest, the eyes are many times the first indication that something is wrong. Hence, the phrase “I can see it in your eyes.” Eye disorders range from mild discomfort (dry, itchy, tired, watery) to severe diseases, which include infection, cataracts, glaucoma, yellowing of the eyes (liver disease) and droopy eyes (myasthenia gravis).

Differences in pupil size can indicate tumor or concussion, bulging eyes can indicate thyroid problems, and red streaks in the eyes and blurring can indicate hypertension or even diabetes. In natural medicine, the belief is that a healthy liver plays a key role in eye health.

Eye health problems are defined as any degeneration of vision.

Symptoms included blurred vision, headaches, floaters, spots, redness,and itching of eyes.

Dietary considerations
Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of carrots, yams, cantaloupes,onions, broccoli, and other fruits and vegetables. Remember that colorful foods promote eyesight. Drink carrot juice and eat sunflower seeds. Be sure to reduce sugar intake.

Supplement support for eye health
• Vitamin B complex
• Bilberry extract to improve day and night vision
• A daily green drink
• Eyebright
• Visual Eyes by Source Naturals
• Multivitamin/mineral to ensure you receive all of the essentials
• Carlson’s ACES + Zn, for antioxidant protection
• Gingko biloba, for circulation
• Chromium picolinate, for sugar balance
• Dandelion tea, for liver health
• Milk thistle extract, for liver health
• Homeopathic Similasan natural eye drops, for allergy or red eyes

Lifestyle choices
• Regular eye exams are recommended, especially for those over the age of thirty five.
• Do a liver flush. (See the section titled Liver Flush.)
• Place wet green tea bags over your eyes for blurred vision.