Dandruff can be a source of embarrassment. In our society, it seems to be socially unacceptable to be seen with the telltale white flakes of dandruff on our shoulders. Many television commercials promote special shampoos or potions to control this condition, but it can be naturally overcome with better diet and supplementation. The two main types of dandruff,seborrheic and pityriasis (simple dandruff), respond well to diet improvement.Dandruff is a skin condition generally of the scalp, characterized by dry or greasy white scales, with or without reddening of the skin.

Symptoms of dandruff include scaling flakes on the scalp, eyebrows,and face (occasionally), which can be caused by allergy or essential fatty acid deficiency.

Dietary considerations
Limit sugars and animal fats. Eat yogurt or take acidophilus liquid daily.Avoid chocolate, dairy, nuts, and shellfish. Eat eggs, wheat germ, fish(salmon), onions, lettuce, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

Supplement support for dandruff
The following supplements may be considered scalp food:
• Zinc picolinate: 50 mg two times daily
• Biotin: 600 mcg daily
• Vitamin B complex
• PABA: 1,000 mg daily
• Nature’s Secret Ultimate Oil, an essential fatty acid
• NOW Omega 3-6-9, an essential fatty acid
• Carlson’s ACES