• Aids arthritis • Purifies the blood • Helps osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and inflammation    


• Useful for vascular disorders • Expels worms and parasites when combined with black walnut • Sedative • CAUTION: Do not use during pregnancy; can

Willow bark (nature’s aspirin)

• Helps headache • Helps backache • Helps toothache • Good for sports injuries • CAUTION: Long-term use may interfere with mineral absorption.    

Wild yam

• Aids premenopausal/menopause symptoms (has progesterone- like compounds) • Relaxes muscles and reduces inflammation • Aids female disorders (PMS, cramps, etc.)    

Valerian (nature’s Valium)

• Aids anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and irritable bowel syndrome • Good for nervousness and spasms • Lowers blood pressure • Sedative    


• Antibiotic, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory • Lowers cholesterol • Antioxidant    

Saw palmetto

• Good for prostate health • Inhibits production of DHT to prevent prostate enlargement • Diuretic and urinary antiseptic    

St. John’s wort

• Aids and relieves depression • Inhibits viral infections • CAUTION: Can cause photosensitivity; limit sun exposure.    

Red clover

• Blood purifier • Natural antibiotic • Aids kidney, liver, and bowel disorders    


• Sedative • Helps stress-related disorders • Helps insomnia