Just hearing the word cancer seems to spark fear in the average person.Virtually all of us have been touched somehow by this dreaded disease.The good news is that while the cases of cancer are increasing, there is a rising group of cancer survivors because our knowledge about the disease has changed. Early detection has always been one factor in survival and proper treatment.

We now know that most cancers respond positively to diet improvement. By avoiding dead, demineralized, heavily processed foods as well as refined sugars, excessive caffeine, food dyes, and sprayed foods (pesticides), which cancer cells thrive on, we can help our bodies rebuild healthy cells while “starving out” cancer cells.

Cancer attacks when the immune response is low, whether from overwork, emotional upheaval, poor diet, or exposure to toxic substances.

All these factors negatively change your body chemistry, making it hard for your immune system to defend you. Diet improvement will boost the immune system that allowed cancer cells to form. You must create an environment in your body where cancer cannot flourish.

Knowledge is key to conquering cancer, especially knowing the early detection signs. I have included specifics for several kinds of cancer that are helpful in fighting the disease.

Cancer is a dangerous, unrestrained growth of cells in an organ or body tissue.

Here are seven early detection signs for cancer:
1. Change in bowel or bladder habits, especially blood in the stool
2. Chronic indigestion, bloating, heartburn, and difficulty swallowing
3. Unusual bleeding or discharge from the vagina
4. Lump or thickening of the breast or testicles
5. Chronic cough or constant hoarseness, plus bloody sputum
6. Changes or growth in warts or moles—dry, scaly skin patches that never heal, especially if they are inflamed or ulcerate
7. Unusual weight loss