Women who are more at risk are those who never had children, are postmenopausal, eat a high-fat diet, take long-term estrogen replacement therapy, or use talcum powder.

Symptoms include bloating, tiredness, and abdominal discomfort.

Dietary considerations
Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, add soy foods to your diet, and avoid fried foods and eggs.

Supplement support for ovarian cancer
• Beta-carotene: 150,000 IU
• Milk thistle
• Garlic: eight to ten capsules
• Progesterone cream
• Ester-C: 5,000–10,000 mg
• Vitamin E: 800 IU daily
• Selenium: 200 mcg
• A daily green drink
• Shark cartilage
• Bovine tracheal cartilage
• Royal jelly