Calluses are usually found on the feet and hands. Corns can form on or between the toes. They can be hard or soft depending on their location.Causes include poor foot alignment, wearing improperly fitted shoes, an overly acid system from poor diet laden with fat, sugars, and processed foods, and staph or strep infection.

Calluses are hardened, thickened areas of dead skin formed from keratin, externally caused by friction or pressure.

Symptoms include inflammation and pain in areas of either calluses or corns, which may ache and be tender to the touch.

Dietary considerations
Avoid fried, sugary, and fatty foods. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and drink fresh fruit juices to detoxify and neutralize acidity.

Lifestyle choices
• Soak affected areas in sea salt or Epsom salts, and use a pumice stone to gently file the top layer. Afterward, rub feet with warm almond oil, concentrating on the corn or callus.
• Make sure to wear shoes that fit properly and that do not cramp or pinch the toes or foot.
• Never use a sharp instrument of any kind to cut or shave the hardened areas away. To do so may cause infection. This is especially true for diabetics.