Burns can range from the sting of summer sunburn to the very serious third-degree burn. Burns can cause tissue damage, depending on their severity. First-degree burns are characterized by minor blistering and pain.Second-degree burns are more serious, characterized by blistering,scarring, and damaged hair follicles. Third-degree burns can lead to shock and are characterized by charred skin, severe muscle and tissue damage,and body fluid and electrolyte loss. Third-degree burns require immediate medical attention. Untreated burns can lead to serious infection.

Burns are defined as destruction of the skin or deeper tissues from extreme heat.

Symptoms include redness of skin, blistering, and acute pain, depending on the severity of the burn.

Supplement support for burns
• A green drink, for immune support
• Vitamin C: 5,000 mg three times daily
• Grapefruit seed extract spray, to prevent infection
• Rescue Remedy (see chapter 5)
• Cold aloe vera gel, for first- and second-degree burns (store in refrigerator)

Medical treatment
Apply ice water immediately to take the heat out of the burn. For chemical burns, apply baking soda or apple cider vinegar in warm-water compresses. Make sure that you stay hydrated with plenty of water. Have a whey protein smoothie to aid the healing process.