Asthma is a severe respiratory allergy reaction. It is the most serious chronic illness among children under the age of ten. It is estimated that 8 percent of our population is affected by this disorder—a statistic that represents 1 in 12 people, or about 25 million, with the number increasing each year. Studies show that there are common triggers that precipitate an attack of asthma in children. The most common trigger is stress. Other triggers include smoke, food dyes, certain food allergies, molds, pet dander,chemical toxins, and respiratory infections. In adults, asthma triggers or precipitators are adrenal gland exhaustion, constipation, low thyroid function, and hypoglycemia.

Asthma is a respiratory disorder causing attacks of wheezing and breathlessness.

Symptoms include difficulty breathing, feeling as if you are “starved for air,” wheezing, coughing, choking, heart palpitations, and panic.