Even though men’s hormonal fluctuations are not as pronounced as women’s during midlife, the male body needs extra attention during this time of life. Formally known as the “male midlife crisis,” andropause clearly is a time where many men feel that they have lost their vitality, strength, and youth as their muscle mass, energy, and sexual performance decline. If you are in andropause, natural remedies can be an effective way to reenergize every area of your life. Prostate health must be addressed.

Diet must be improved, and lifestyle changes must be made in order to prevent degenerative disease.
You can restore your energy, stamina, and sexual satisfaction. Consider andropause as a time to “pause” and reevaluate your diet and lifestyle. Get a complete medical checkup with all of the appropriate health screenings.

And use the following recommendations to keep you healthy as you embark on the second half of your journey of life.

Andropause occurs around the age of forty when testosterone levels begin to decline. These levels continue to fall about 10 percent each decade thereafter.

Symptoms of andropause include fatigue, slowed head hair growth, increased ear hair, loss of muscle mass, frequent urination, postural changes, weight gain around the middle, low sex drive, and depression.

Dietary considerations
Limit red meats, fried foods, full-fat dairy foods, caffeine, and sugar.
Brewer’s yeast, seeds, nuts, and oysters are good food sources for sexual health.

Supplement support for andropause
• Tribulus terrestris
• Ginkgo biloba liquid extract: three times daily, for impotence
• Saw palmetto, for prostate health
• Pygeum zinc, for prostate health
• Limit or eliminate alcohol, for prostate health (beer especially elevates DHT levels)
• Whey protein shake: in the morning, to increase muscle mass
• L-glutamine, for stimulating your own growth hormones and increasing muscle mass
• A daily green drink

Lifestyle choices
Exercise is a vital part of male sexuality, improving frequency,satisfaction, and performance.

Stress management is vital for sexual health. Stress zaps your adrenal glands. Healthy adrenals are needed during andropause to prevent fatigue and burnout. Adrenal exhaustion in men is linked to depression and anxiety attacks. Limit coffee, and make an effort to get enough hours of sleep each night. Watch your sugar intake. Adrenal support recommendations include vitamin B complex, adrenal glandular formula, royal jelly, and pantothenic acid.

Tips for extending men’s healthy lives
Men can add years to their lives by knowing how to age properly. Here are six tips by experts for extending men’s healthy lives:
1. Have a personal physician, someone you’ve seen when your temperature is below and you don’t need crutches, so there’s
someone who knows you.
2. Make close friends. Social interaction and strong friendships keep coming up in research as important predictors of longer and happy lives.
3. Learn how to express anger constructively as opposed to destructively.
4. Know the signs of heart attack and stroke. Men can’t change their generally higher death rates from cardiovascular disease,but they can boost their individual survival odds as well as reduce their risk through diet, exercise, and periodic blood tests.
5. Let go of the notion that you’re invincible or omnipotent.Reducing stress is not a sign of weakness!
6. Be careful. No, you don’t have to buy a hardhat for hanging pictures in the hallway, but you shouldn’t be climbing a shaky ladder either. A cast doesn’t make anyone look tough, and the causes of death where men outpace women the most are injuries,suicide, and liver disease, often the result of excessive drinking.