Acne is a condition that affects young and old alike. It can be a source of great shame and embarrassment and can hinder one’s social life, thereby leaving scars that are not only superficial but also embedded deep within.

There are many causes of acne. The main one is pituitary-gland and male-hormone imbalance during the high-growth years of adolescence and before menstruation. In addition, diet comes into play when it comes to acne outbreaks. A high-fat, fried-food, excessive-sugar diet sets the stage for this unwelcome condition. Heredity, poor liver function, and poor elimination can also play a role in its development. In adulthood, some hormone therapies, allergies, cosmetics, and, of course, the big one—stress—contribute to the occurrence of acne.

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by superficial skin eruptions that are caused by clogged skin pores.

Symptoms of acne include skin rash, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts,redness, and scarring. It most commonly appears on the face, shoulders,trunk, arms, and legs.

Dietary considerations
You will need to make some healthy choices regarding diet to allow your skin condition to heal. Eliminate white flour, sugar, chocolate, fried foods, fatty dairy foods, tobacco, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and peanut butter, which are acne triggers. It will also be very healing to go on a three- to five-day juice cleansing fast during which you drink six glasses of water along with carrot, pineapple, and papaya juices daily to clear out wastes.

Supplement support for acne
• Evening primrose oil: four to six capsules daily (essential fatty acids)
• Tea tree oil: apply externally
• Digestive plant enzymes: with meals (especially pancreatin to digest oils)
• Milk thistle extract, to detoxify liver for two to three months
• Fresh pineapple: rub on face, to reduce acne scars
• A green drink daily
• Royal jelly
• Fiber, for proper elimination
• Zinc: 30 mg morning and evening
• Vitamin C: 1,000 mg morning and evening
• Acidophilus (especially if taking antibiotics)

In addition you can try these natural healing approaches:
• Early-morning sunlight on the face
• Daily exercise
• Plenty of rest
• Apple cider vinegar: dab on breakouts and sores daily
• B-complex vitamin with extra pantothenic acid for stress-
caused acne
• Stevia extract: applied directly on breakouts

Medical treatment
There are various medical approaches to the treatment of acne that include use of antibiotics (tetracycline), synthetic vitamin A analogues,cortisone, chemical skin peels, dermabrasion, and drainage of cysts.

Herbal cleanser
If you have trouble with boils, acne, or other skin problems, use cleansing herbs or a detoxification program like Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse. This will help to cleanse your blood, liver, and kidneys of toxic waste products. Acne is often the result of hormonal imbalance or toxicity of the blood or bowel.

Common questions from acne patients
Q. What causes blackheads?
A. Blackheads result when sebaceous oil combines with unreleased wastes that plug the pore.

Q. Why are whiteheads more dangerous?
A. Whiteheads have the potential to become inflamed and infected.Whiteheads happen when scales below the skin’s surface become filled with sebaceous oil. They can spread under the skin and rupture and then spread the infection.

Q. What foods should I eat to help prevent an outbreak?
A. Eat plenty of fresh foods, whole grains, green vegetables, fish, brown rice, apples, and low-fat dairy foods.

Q. What foods should I avoid?
A. White flour and sugar, candy, pies, pastries, caffeine, soda, fried foods,and foods with a lot of preservatives. In other words, no junk food!

Q. How does a detoxification program help?
A. During detoxification with a good detox product, you can safely cleanse your blood, liver, colon, and kidneys to rid your system of toxins that contribute not only to acne, but also to many of our modern-day degenerative diseases. A clean body will produce a clean complexion.

Q. I hate water. How important is it when it comes to getting rid of acne?
A. Very important. You want to keep the body flushed and properly hydrated each day to ensure optimal functioning of every organ system. In addition, water helps speed up the detoxification process. I recommend six to eight glasses of bottled water daily.

Q. Is there anything natural that I can use to improve the appearance of my skin once acne has shown its ugly face?
A. Yes. God has provided wonderful remedies from nature. For acne scars,try rubbing fresh pineapple directly on the scars each day. Its enzyme activity from bromelain has been known to make a difference with consistent use. Also, try lemon juice or aloe vera gel before bed. Do not wash off. Rinse face in the morning. In addition, rub the affected areas with the inside of a papaya skin. Again, the enzyme papain will help to neutralize the acid wastes on the skin and help to heal the infected area.These remedies should be rotated and used on different days.

Q. I can’t go without my makeup! What can I use?
A. Make sure to use water-based cosmetics only. Oil-based formulas are too clogging to already congested pores.

Q. I am always constipated. How does this factor in when it comes to acne?
A. If you don’t eliminate toxins through bowel movements, they just recirculate into the bloodstream and make your condition worse. Add more fiber and plenty of water to your diet. This should improve your condition.You may want to consider a mild herbal laxative formula that will not be habit forming. These formulas can be found at most health-food stores.

Q. Are there any supplements that I should avoid when trying to prevent future outbreaks?
A. For adult acne, you should not take too much vitamin E or iodine because they can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce too much oil.

Q. What can I use on open sores on my face that is natural and antibacterial?
A. You can use tea tree oil. The smell is not that pleasant, but it really does a wonderful job because it is a natural antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral agent.

Q. Should I avoid the sun?
A. Actually, the sun is wonderful for your skin and a vital source of vitamin D. Just make sure that the sun you get is morning sun, before noon. You only need fifteen to twenty minutes daily.

Q. Will exercise help my skin condition?
A. My recommendation is yes! You need to sweat to release toxins that are stored in your system. I say better out than in when it comes to toxins. The cleaner your body, the clearer your skin becomes.

Q. How big of a part does stress play when it comes to acne?
A. A big part. Stress causes a lot of acidity in the body, which is toxic. Again, water, exercise, a detox program, and dietary changes will help relieve both your stress and your acne. By the way, stress-caused acne is usually found on the chin.